Интервью с иностранными студентами


Recently we talked with master students of the Humanities and Economics faculty Muhammad Omer Nasir, Ranjit Dadrab, Twummasi Ankrah, and student of the Machine-building faculty Salah Mohamed, master of technical specialization Joseph Brefo were joined to our conversation. During an interview our international students answered some questions:

  • Why do they want to get an education?
  • Why have they chosen Belarus for these purposes?
  • Why have they chosen GSTU behalf of P.O. Sukhoi as well as the Humanities and Economics faculty?
  • Did they meet new friends here?
  • How hard are they working to get the degree? What disciplines do they like and why?

That’s what we have managed to know…

One master student must be awarded a master's degree in economics to build a further career in the economic sphere, who also plan to continue postgraduate studies, and others plan to teach at universities. One of the factors in choosing a country for education was the possibility of teaching in English, also the length of study and the low cost of teaching proved to be attractive. When choosing a university, master students were also based on the experience of studying in our university of their friends and acquaintances, they also note that they are given a lot of attention here, everyone is ready to help and the whole staff at the university is friendly and sympathetic. For Muhammad Omer Nasir and Ranjit Dadrab, education in the economics specialty is a continuation of their previous education in this field, Twummasi Ankrah unites the received education in the field of design with the economic specialty of the master's degree, and the student of the machine-building faculty Salah Mohamed also plans to study at the magistracy in economics as he considers it an important part of development in his country. Concerning the educational process, note that the schedule is constructed very conveniently, among the disciplines in the first semester, the most difficult and interesting for Muhammad Omer Nasir and Ranjit Dadrab was econometrics, while Salakh Mohamed had a Russian language, and the masters noted that for the further career of those , who plans to teach will be interesting discipline psychology and pedagogy of higher education. For all that time masters have made new friends from different countries, including from Belarus, but in the latter case it is a little more difficult, because there is still a problem of the language barrier. Also, the undergraduate liked the cultural life of the university, for example, the celebration of the New Year, the competition for cooking dishes from different countries.

On the whole our international students are excited by everything (excepting winter)! We wish them all well in their challenging task!


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