International exhibition Securica-2018

Our university often has opportunities for international education, such as exchange studies and internships abroad. This time, the opportunity fell to the fourth-year student of the Humanitarian and Economic Faculty Zhevnova Anna. She took part in the 24th international exhibition Securica-2018, which was held in Moscow from 20 to 23 March. She was invited by the Polish company Euro-Locks, which is part of the Lowe & Fletcher group of companies. The Euro-Locks group develops and manufactures locking systems for a wide range of manufacturing companies.Besides the representatives of Euro-Locks, Paul Draisey, the Managing Director and John Richards, the Head of Sales Department of Lowe & Fletcher, also attended the exhibition, so it has provided our student with the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the work of the exhibition and the products of the company, but also to communicate with native English speakers. In the future, she plans her summer two-month internship in Poland at the company and taking part in the 31st international energy exhibition ENERGETAB 2018. We look forward to further cooperation of our university with this and many other foreign organizations/

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