Impression letters about studying at the University


Hello! My name is Princess Tikazala, I am a student in Educational establishment "Pavel Sukhoi Gomel State Technical University” in the last year bachelor. I'm going to talk about a few lines to express my thoughts for the academic community. When I came to Belarus everything was strange and sometimes difficult to understand the lifestyle and schedule of the university, but the welcome at the university from my first day was warm, the university staff were all kind to us and gave us the necessary support to make our adaptation. We had the problem of adapting to the class schedules and especially during the winters to wake up early to be at 8am in class but the teachers and the personal were there to understand us and help us according to our lifestyle. The staff always wanted to make us comfortable in the university site. Our teachers are all kind to us and understanding us, help us to fully understand our lessons. Personally I have learned a lot about economic subjects. I can say today when  I get my diploma it will be honor because I am proud of the Studying acquired in my university.  I love my university and I wish it the best for the future!



My experience so far was something important, something worthwhile talking about and interesting, Shukoi University impress me so much: the mode of teaching is accurate and nice, the teachers are very calm and they are all good in their area of specialisation. What amazed me most is if I ask the teacher the same question many times they always answer me without reluctant, they always make sure I understand what they are teaching me, they always give us task for us to think individually and share our opinion. All the subjects that I was thought was interested and are important for my future profession, the classrooms was conducive and comfortable with the application of innovation like Electronic writing board and projector. Speaking of activities there are many of them, from my first year till the last year I participated in conferences both local and international with Diploma awarded.

Thanks to the Dean of my department (Mrs Natallia Sychova, PhD) she always does the follow up with the students and make sure that everything is in place. Shukoi University had prepared me for the future and given me the courage to stand-out on my own, I have no fear in proceeding my master degree in any university or any country. When I did the comparison with Universities in Europe, I discovered that Shukoi University can never be counted out. I never knew I could be this changed in the education level: to study Economics Calculus knowledge is needed, it was my biggest fear because my knowledge in Calculus was so low, but  the teachers of Shukoi University thought me so well and took away my fear now I’m not afraid of Calculus anymore, “I smile”. Thanks to Shukoi University and all the teachers for their patient and motivation towards me during my Bachelor degree.